The games have arrived!!! We officially receive them on Wednesday, Oct 18th and we’ll begin fulfilling orders ASAP. Kickstarter orders will be fulfilled first, followed by pre-orders. We estimate all orders will be fulfilled by the end of October.  Stay tuned to for videos and pictures detailing the process!

Chardonnay Go TM, A Hilarious Board Game for Wine Lovers, Moms and Other Shameless People  is based on the viral sensation, “Chardonnay Go,” where women search for the perfect glass of wine! Be the first to reach the elusive tasting room while participating in hilarious challenges and reciting complete nonsense !  It’s the perfect combination of the classic board game and dirty charades.

Check out our videos to learn about how to play, watch the original viral video or check out our worldwide coverage!

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Named 2016 Top 10 Facebook Live Viral Video, over 23 Million views

Host a Chardonnay Go Game Night at your Winery/ Fundraiser. For more information…Yell “Chardonnay Go” at the top of your lungs and click here.